People in Saigon tend to eat many kinds of hotpot. It seems like every family has several pots for their dishes. Besides, they can eat hotpot any time of the week. Hotpot can be found at any place in Saigon from a short street food tour to a high-class restaurant. Gradually, eating hotpot has become a cultural feature in Saigon. Once someone says “ Let’s have some hotpot together”, it does mean that “let’s have time together and make our bellies full”.  

Spicy hotpot | Motorbike tours | Saigon Riders

Spicy hotpot

Why Saigonese love eating hotpot?

The scenario for perfect hotpot is a bubbling vat of richly flavored broth. Raw meats, seafood, vibrant color of vegetables, dumplings, or whatever as long as you want to add in the hotpot are served right at your table. The more ingredients you add, and the longer they are being simmered, the more aromatic your hotpot gets. Then, you can totally enjoy it by just having whatever you like. More interestingly, you have more freedom to pick which ingredient you like to put in your hotpot. This is one of the reasons why people in Saigon love hotpot.

Beef hotpot | Motorbike tours | Saigon Riders

Beef hotpot

Technically, people in Saigon love gathering together around the hotpot for hours. People have fun, joy and break down any barrier when they are sitting around the hotpot. It seems that people talk, laugh and share more when having hotpot together with family, friends, colleagues and even with there boss. So, having hotpot together is a type of culture lifestyle in Saigon, where a great ideal for the concept of an open mind in harmony happens. Any foreigner, who comes to Saigon the first time, will be interested in a hotpot street food tour.

How to have the party of meats and colorful vegetables?

Saigon, one of the most city in Vietnam, has everything for both citizen and tourist. You can try various taste and types of hotpot in terms of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. In different hotpot restaurants, they will offer a variety of broths which is cooked by bone chicken, beef, pork, seafood and having light and warty taster to harsher or even spicy flavor. The most meats run with hot pot are beef, pork and chicken. Besides, you can have some seafood hotpot as well.

Seafood hotpot | Motorbike tours | Saigon Riders

Seafood hotpot

Moving to the most healthy part of hotpot cannot lack vegetables. Firstly, vegetables are mushrooms, tomatoes, corns will give flavor to a watery broth. Secondly, staying the same mindset, you just simply choose what veggie you like or point to whatever you like. If you no have an idea of this is your 1st time you try hot pot, it is suggested the popular veggie Saigonese prefer to eat in which watercress, lettuce, cabbage, baby bok choy, tofu and mushrooms.

Hotpot vegetables | Motorbike tours | Saigon Riders

Hotpot vegetables

Last but not least, the main job of noodles in hotpot is to pick up as much of the flavor in the broth as possible. There are some types of noodle you can choose. They are white plates noodle, vermicelli, instant noodle as egg noodle. In addition, traditional hotpot has its own sauce. Typically, sauce for hot pot includes chilly, chopped garlic, soy sauce or fish sauce.

Because one the most memorable in street food tour is somehow a good timing to have everyone happy. So let’s come and sit with a group of people to discover new things, new stories as well as new people in the party of meats and colorful vegetables. Saigon serves you great hotpot and wonderful moment.