Taste of the street (Night tour)

Price:     $88 / person

Duration: 4-4.5 hours

Departure: Tour starts daily at your location around 5 pm.

The price includes entrance fees, motorbikes, food and drinks.
The price is subject to change due to Vietnam’s public holidays. You may contact us for further details.
The minimum group size is 2 people.


We’ll be making some gastronomic pit stops so that you can experience the seductiveness and variety of Vietnamese street food. What will you do if you only have a couple of hours in Saigon? How about enjoying the night by tasting the local street food?


• Adventurous riding journey
• Must-try local street food
• Old Saigon’s historical antecedents vs. modern Saigon’s lifestyle

What’s included

• Tour guide
• Saigon Riders’ motorcycles
• Entrance fees
• Beer and soft drinks
• Street food and barbecued seafood

What’s excluded:

• Insurance or emergency transportation.
• Tips to guide

Planned route

Sandwiched between stops highlighting some of the contrasts of city life, we’ll be making some gastronomic pit stops so that you can experience the seductiveness and variety of Vietnamese street food.

Not just the standards like Pho and Banh Mi rolls, but street food that the locals venture out for in the evenings

Riding pillion with Saigon Riders, we will take you on a tour of the city that will touch on some of the historical antecedents to modern Saigon as well as delving into some of the everyday traditional lifestyle of the Saigonese.

After picking you up from your hotel, you’ll be whisked to your first stop at the roof-top bar of a classy hotel by the Saigon River. This will give you a splendid panoramic view across the cityscape and the river. Let’s warm the night up with 1 quick drink (beer or mocktail or smoothy) before commencing our street food tour proper.

Moving across the city centre, we’ll venture for a local barbecue place. Amongst other things, you’ll have delicious “Banh hoi thit nuong” for the first course. Banh hoi are extremely thin rice noodles, light, fluffy, and woven into intricate bundles or mats. The banh hoi is served layered on a plate and topped by thit nuong, the ubiquitous smoky grilled pork that is the hallmark of many street side barbeques. This street food is accompanied by nem ran (spring rolls) and a range of sides. For non-pork eater, “Bo la lop” (grilled beef rolled in pepper leaf) is alternative choice.

Next, we will continue on by riding flashy roads zigzagging through many small business areas to Chinatown. After that we’ll head to District 8 to explore the low land with its many small stilt houses located along the canal to the Saigon river. This area is worth exploring to see the way of life for the many immigrants to this city and to see how they go about acclimatising to the conditions here. We stop on the way for a drink and a closer look at the local life along the canal. It will amaze you and will be a real contrast to the comfortable life in a newly built luxury residences in district 7.

Last stop of this street food tour is to venture into District 4 and taste the range of superb barbecued seafood and exotic food on offer, amongst the locals à la sidewalk in low plastic chairs and tables. You will get the chance to show off your chef skills as you cook your food at your table. We are just a stone throw away from where we started, but sitting and eating street side amongst the locals, you’ll get a great appreciation of the contrasts that make up this city.

Hey, we are here for you. If barbecued seafood is not to your street food liking, or if there is something else exotic that you have a desire to taste, let us know and we easily can adapt the foodie side of things. There is just to so much to taste in Saigon and we hope that this tour will make it a little more accessible to you.

Additional information

• Sturdy outdoor clothing and comfortable footwear are recommended
• Tips for tour guide/rider are highly appreciated

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