Beside the traditional sports, a new one which is extremely attractive is shooting. This sport is more and more popular in youth community. At the weekend, a team can relax with riding and shooting in Cu Chi gun range.

Supporters help loading guns for you in a shooting game

Where is Cu Chi firing range?

From Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can reach Cu Chi by 3 kinds of transportation: motorbike, private car or bus. It takes us about 2 hours to go to this destination. Come to Cu Chi, travelers not only visit Cu Chi Tunnels, which is massive network of underground tunnels that were used by the Viet Cong, but also join firing gun in Cu Chi range. You should choose a nice day with sunny weather to come here. If the weather is bad, the shooting will get difficult.

Cu Chi Tunnels is a massive network of underground tunnels built during Vietnam War

The fee of shooting in Cu Chi

Coming to Cu Chi, you can experience by yourself especially the real bullet and paintball shooting experience. At the weekend, your friends group can come to gun range to join the exciting challenges. The service offers a wide selection of guns at the range. Cu Chi gun range price is reasonable. There are two kinds of shooting that are real or paint bullet. Players can join one or both. The entrancing fee is about 20,000-90,000 VND depending on time and region.

You can experience the real bullet by yourself when traveling Cu Chi.

With shooting real bullet, Cu Chi firing range price is 20,000 VND per bullet with K54; 23,000-25,000 VND per one with Colt 45, K59, Rulo; with AK(1), Carbin, AK and M16(1) the price is 30,000-35,000 VND per one. The highest price per one is 40,000 VND when you choose M16. K54, Colt 45, K59, Rulo, Ak (1), Carbin, AK, M16 and M16 (1) are kinds of gun which used in the military. There are supervisors loading guns for you and make sure you get some headgear to protect your ears, since it is super loud. Remember safety is first.

Aiming the target within a shooting game in firing range

The other is paintball shooting which is cheaper than real one. Cu Chi shooting range price with paint bullet is 3,000 VND/one. There are three kinds of gun in your choice including: AK, M16 and handgun. Each kind of these is different from quantity of bullet. There are 25 bullets with AK, 20 with M16 and 7 with handgun. Meanwhile, the paint shooting match may host a group from 6 people to up. Your group may be fight with others or separated members from your group. In addition, players also pay for services fee including uniform, mask, battlefield and refugees.

Paint shooting match may host a group more than 6 players.

It is really interesting to relax after busy working week with friends. The exciting challenges will make our adventure thrilling. When you come to Cu Chi tunnels firing range price, overall, it is a really great trip and totally, worth it…especially if you want to shoot some guns and learn more about the Vietnam War.

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