Nam Cat Tien national park is one of the great outdoor activity for adventure tourist who are environmentalism. So, It is also important to be well prepare in knowledge of the area, weather, limitations of your body or more, if you are planning to make an eco-friendly and explore the beauty of natural in Nam Cat Tien national park. Here are 5 safety tips of how to go to Nam Cat Tien Park safe and sound.

riding-a-motorcycle-in-a-group-has-a-lot-of-joy-saigon-ridersRiding a motorcycle in a group has a lot of joy

  • Get rid of mosquitoes in Nam Cat Tien national park

There is a risk of mosquito bite when you enter to the forest and around the woods even in the worst weather or the dark of of night. It can cause illnesses which is yellow fever, malaria or more. In fact, it is considered that mosquitos is a part of outdoor life, and you can not totally avoid them and let them ruin your trip in Nam Cat Tien. So that, the primary ways to get rid of mosquitoes bite is using the insect repellent containing DEET. Secondary, when you in the forest, it is suggested that wear long sleeves, pants, socks covering your skin and treat your clothes with insect repellents to help prevent mosquitoes. Other than that, you should consult a doctor about which type of medication you can bring along in your trip.

get-rid-of-mosquito-bite-by-using-special-spray-saigon-ridersget rid of mosquito bite by using special spray

  • Go with local guide

In fact, you need to go with a local tour guide. Not only are you likely to get lost in case you go alone, you might also be yourself in case of an emergency. Bedsides, you are unfamiliar with the new environment, it is better when you bring along some one who are local and know the area and has experience how to get to Cat Tien National Park.
The jungle motorbike tour is one of the most popular tour in Nam Cat Tien Park. The tour guide will be bring you on the motorbike to get around Nam Cat Tien and will show several amazing things in the tour.

riding-a-motorbike-to-the-jungle-is-more-adventurous-saigon-ridersRiding a motorbike to the jungle is more adventurous

  • Nam Cat Tien national park is a wonderful ecosystem

Technically, the jungle is a delicate ecosystem. So, touching and feeding the wildlife could be dangerous. Make sure that you are environmentally conscious that you should keep your distance and should not touch any specific flora and fauna if your tour guide says it is ok. And, do keep in mind that whatever you bring with you in your trip you must also go home with you.

nam-cat-tien-park-brings-you-to-the-beauty-of-nature-saigon-ridersNam Cat Tien park brings you to the beauty of nature

  • The weather in the jungle is both wet and dry

Nam Cat Tien National Park has 2 seasons which is wet and dry. Generally, the rainy season are from May to November and the dry season runs from December to April next year. However, the Nam Cat Tien national park is a most popular year-round destination for natural lovers, whether you make a trip in wet or dry season, you will still have a tons of things to do and explore in the wood.

  • Be in good physical condition

The goal of your trip is make a value time outdoor that you need to get healthy and be well prepared your physical condition before you go climbing, hiking or cycling to get around the park.

remember-to-pack-the-right-jungle-kit-saigon-ridersRemember to pack the right jungle kit

Then, it is recommended that should carry your own water  and have your energy food when you are thirsty and get tired. It will be help you can avoid in case of suffering in the forest.

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