Da Lat, known as The City of Flowers where is a perfect relaxing spot for recharging yourself whenever you want to escape the busy and rushed life in Sai Gon. With its poetic and grandiose landscapes, pretty cold climate and old French mansions which are totally charming to couples or anyone who loves its peace and romantic and many adventurous activities for people of all ages. So if you are planning for a short break, and want to head into the mountains, then check out these top best things to do in Dalat Vietnam.  

dalat-is-a-place-where-romance-happensDalat is a place where romance happens

1/ Trying Adventure Sports

A big fan of adventure activities never miss such these cool sports including white-water rafting, rock climbing, hill-trekking, kayaking, paragliding, and the most challenging water activity – canyoning. You have to rappel down some large waterfalls, do cliff jump, float down the river, slide down on slippery rocks and do plenty of rocky scrambling for a canyoning excursion. There are several tour companies that supply this adventure trip, you may want to try Pine Track Adventure as this one is more professional with experienced team guides and superior equipments ensuring your safety besides having fun.

  • Opening hours: all year round
  • Location: Da Lat

challenge-yourself-through-adventurous-sportsChallenge yourself through adventurous sports

2/ Taking Cable Car to Truc Lam Pagoda

Truc Lam is a well-known monastery locating on the edge of Tuyen Lam lake and on a huge swatch of forest land which have various buildings and templates arounds. Along the 2.4km ride from Robin hill to Truc Lam pagoda (Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm), the cable car will take you through the panoramic views of massive mountains and romantic valleys in Dalat from above. At the top of the ride, visitors could see the beautiful scenery like calming rivers, hills with greenish pine trees & colorful flowers and enjoy the fresh cooling atmosphere. When reaching Truc Lam pagoda, you may want to have a long walk to enjoy the flower gardens and the peaceful beauty of templates, all stress would go away. There is no better place than Truc Lam pagoda to slow down your life and enjoy the peaceful in your soul. So remember to mark this template in your plan – dalat things to do in the next trip, but you should avoid 1st, 15th, 30th or weekends because it is crowded in those days.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Close to Da Lat city and above Tuyen Lam Lake
  • Entrance ticket: 45,000 VND (Approx $2)

truc-lam-pagoda-is-beautifully-located-on-the-edge-of-tuyen-lam-lakeTruc Lam Pagoda is beautifully located on the edge of Tuyen Lam Lake

3/ Sipping Da Lat coffee

There are lots of romantic vintage coffee shops in Dalat where is unique style for coffee culture of highlanders. This is the historic land for Vietnamese coffee growth, also famous for the origin of Thai Nguyen green tea as well. Whenever you want to taste Vietnamese coffee, Da Lat is the best option for you. The coffee have been planted in this highland areas for long years and you could easily find many good coffee shops here. Choosing a vintage coffee shop nearby the edge of hills (such as Me Linh garden coffee), having a filter coffee, waiting for coffee dripping in your cup while enjoying a beautiful mountain landscapes in the chilled weather is such a super great experience. Sipping a cup of hot coffee to enjoy the strong flavor of traditional coffee, especially in the night under the cold weather and experiencing the local culture of Vietnamese coffee would be one of the best things to do in Dalat.  

from-the-top-of-me-linh-garden-coffee-you-can-inhale-really-fresh-airFrom the top of Me Linh garden coffee, you can inhale really fresh air

  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00
  • Location: 725 street, Da Lat city
  • Entrance ticket: under 50,000 VND (Less than $2)

4/ Stem Wine

Besides organic coffee, Stem wine is one of the most unique culture of Dalat and could not be enjoyed in somewhere else. This wine is fermented in a big vase or jar for 20 days by K’ho people – an ethnic group living here. In big events or gathering occasions, these people including both male and female will use stem wine together by sitting around the one big wine vase and drinking through small bamboo pipes sticking into this wine jar. Its taste is not very strong, instead it is aromatic and warm with a little sweetness. You should not miss the chance to experience the local ethnic groups’ life if visiting Dalat, you may be invited to join a fire camp and enjoy their special jar of stem wine. Drinking stem wine with local ethnic groups would be an amazing experience that you must note in things to do in Da Lat.

stem-wine-is-a-unique-culture-of-dalatStem wine is a unique culture of Dalat

5/ Things to do in Dalat city should not exclude riding a Swan at Ho Xuan Huong Lake

Riding swan pedal boats would be one of striking things to do in Dalat for kids and couples that you should do if you go with your small family or just with your lover. This swan ride will take you around Ho Xuan Huong Lake where is the heart of the flower city and only this spot offers this such relaxing and leisuring activity in Dalat. From the center of the lake, you can catch the peaceful view of surroundings and enjoy the fresh atmosphere in Dalat. It would be a pleasurable moments spending with your friend or family in the evening after long sightseeing day in Dalat.

  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 22:00
  • Location: in the center of Dalat
  • Entrance ticket: 30,000 VND/ hour

swan-pedal-boats-are-popular-in-xuan-huong-lake-saigon-ridersSwan pedal boats are popular in Xuan Huong Lake

With many reasons listing above, you could not ignore this perfect destination in Vietnam for adventure as well as relaxing activities. Therefore, if you are planning to Dalat for your near future trip, do not skip any exciting activities I have suggested to you. Otherwise, you may miss something interesting in your life. But before your Dalat trip, do not forget to call us – Saigon Riders for a motorbike.

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