Saigon is diverse and exciting in general, including people, food, culture and heritage. Saigon have tons of awesome features that make them a great place to live and travel. It buzzes with energy from young generation in Saigon. In fact, Saigon is the biggest metropolitan center in Vietnam so the trend living in Saigon is very popular. Here are the reasons which make the city a desirable place to live for foreigners.

There is so much amazing about this modern city. It is all about the past, beauty and community. For a long time ago, French colonizers shape Saigon as a Little Paris of Indochina. At that time Saigonese not only held tightly to their own identity but also they absorbed aspects of its occupiers which are China, Japan, France and the US. The blend of culture has made Saigon be one of Southeast Asia’s biggest melting pots. 

In the digital revolution ages, Saigon actually is a great ideal of the modern concept of opened mind which encourages cross-cultural perspective as well as experiences. In addition, locals are generally friendly, kind and laid-back. It’s really cool to concentrate the opportunities for mutual understanding who will live and how they live among young generation locals and groups of ethic.


1. Cost of living

Living in Saigon is not very expensive comparing to European countries or the US. With around $1,000, you can live comfortably with everything you need from accommodation, transportation, food and other necessities in Saigon in a month.

2. Paradise of food

Food in Saigon is a combination of delicious cuisines from the South to the North of Vietnam. Saigon is also famous for its tasty street food and seafood. You can ride around Saigon and get taste all food you desire for.

BBQ | Saigon Riders


3. A city of motorbikes

To most of the world, Saigon is a busy city with thousands of motorbike. If you are a real adventurers, why don’t you try to ride a motorbike here and feel the “heat” with locals?

4. Easy to get to the beach shortly

It only takes around 2 hours from Saigon to Vung Tau beach. It’s a really nice trip for people who want to sunbathe but are lazy to go far away.

5. Ideal destination for budget traveller

If you are a budget traveller who loves solo travelling, Saigon will treats you even more than you wish. You have a lot of options to visit places around Saigon. Furthermore, from Saigon, you can travel to any place in Vietnam by flight, bus or train with a very reasonable cost.

6. Coffee is a cultural feature of Saigon

Not like anywhere in the world, Saigonese drink coffee in their own ways. Vietnamese coffee is strong and smells so good. Besides, locals love to drink coffee with condensed milk. They almost drink coffee (ca phe den) or coffee served with condensed milk (ca phe sua da) everyday, especially in the morning to fill energy for a whole day. Coffee is not just a drink but also culture and heritage in Saigon.

Coffee served with condensed milk (cà phê sữa) | Saigon Riders

Coffee served with condensed milk (cà phê sữa)

7. Saigon by night

Nightlife at Saigon is active. People love to hang out at night, have a beer and taste some street food. you totally can have a fun night tour in Saigon even if you only have 4 hours to go around.

Additional information

From Saigon, you may want to head to Mekong Delta, one of the most popular destinations in the South of Vietnam. Amazing journeys are waiting for you ahead!