Sometimes, you feel sick of driving a car everyday or travelling by plane, bus and train. Why don’t we ride a motorbike by ourselves and self-experience the adventurous journey? For backroads touring, it is extremely significant to carefully prepare your motorbikes before you go since it’s your companion throughout the trip.

1. Start with a small choice

If this is your very first adventure riding, you should choose a smaller bike for off roads. Honda XR 125L is a wise option for a beginner and for an easy journey such as Saigon local tour. It excels in the dirt but does not have a heavy weight. It’s strong enough for your off-road journeys. If you are a riding expert, you can challenge yourself with a bigger one such as Honda CRF 250L or Kawasaki KLX 250s

Honda XR 125L | Saigon Riders

Honda XR 125L

2. Tires

Adventure motorbikes have a wide range of available tires. There are sticky skins for lean angles on the sidewalk. On the other hand, there are tires offering a bulldog bite in the dirt. Hence, where you’re heading to, there are always suitatable tire skins for you. Saigon Riders have taken part in many different adventure riding tour and we have experience in choosing a good bike with appropriate skin tires for specific tour. We have installed our motorbikes with tires which are both aggressive for dirt tour and tough for off-road riding.

3. Tools

When riding a bike, you should prepare yourself to deal with minor mechanical matters on the road such as flat tires. In these situations, there is no auto shop for you to have your bike fixed. Indeed, you must fix your bike by yourself. Hence, a tool box – a basic repair and maintenance one –  is highly recommended when you are on a riding tour. Interestingly, through the journeys, riders of Saigon Riders have become better and better mechanics since we’ve met lots of difficult situations like this before.

4. Pick your adventurous destination

Now, you have enough equipment for your journey. Next, you can pick a motorbike tour for your adventure riding. Most of riders deal amazingly well with what they are used to. For instance, if you are used to riding on ordinary roads only, off-sidewalk or off-road is another interesting scenario. Have you ever tried back-roads touring adventure? If no, may you plan your trip with dirt biking experience.

Dirt bike | Saigon Riders

Dirt-bike adventure

Tips for your adventure riding:
If you’re a new one, an expert companion is significantly necessary.
Having companion(s) is better than riding alone in case you may need some help.
Helmet and protection wear are a must-have kit
Going fast on dirt seems to be easier than stopping by using a brake spontaneously.

If you’re a new expat or a traveller in Vietnam, you should try some adventure riding tours to challenge yourself. Especially, in the biggest city of Vietnam, Saigon local tours offer a huge number of back-road and off-road riding journeys. Also, there are a lot of motorbikes which fit your requirements.