How does the Cuchi firing range look like?

Watch the clip below:

Where is Cuchi firing range?

Cuchi shooting range is in Ben Duoc tunnels complex located in Cuchi district, around 75km from Saigon downtown to the northwest.


How to get to Cuchi firing range? By bus. You must have much experience in using this type of public transportation in the southest asia. From Ben Thanh bus central, catch bus number 4 (Bến Thành – Bến xe An Sương). Then jump on bus number 74 (bến xe An Sương – bến xe Củ Chi), and the last is bus 79 (bến xe Củ Chi – đền Bến Dược). Good luck with this option!

By motorbike. Just rent a scooter that costs around 10-12 USD/day and cruise to Ben Duoc tunnels amongst other million motorbikes of the bustling Saigon. By backpacker bus. It’s properly the cheapest way. Make sure your destination is Ben Duoc tunnels, not the touristy Ben Dinh tunnels.

By car. It’s easy, comfortable, no doubt ! That last way and properly the best way to experience the whole trip is to book a motorcycle tour

To enquire about the off-road tour to Cuchi tunnels by dirt bike? Click here

How much does the Cuchi tunnels entrance fee cost?

Cuchi tunnels entrance fee

For foreigners, it’s now 105.000 vnd/visitor. If you are in a group, they will provide staff to accompany you.

How much does the bullet cost in Cuchi shooting range?

The average cost is 60.000vnd/bullet, minimum 5 bullets/order. We recommend trying to shoot the AK47 and M30 or M60 guns. Other choices are M16, K54, Carbine.



Is there any shooting range in Ha Noi?

No, there is no firing range in Ha Noi, Cuchi is the only public shooting range in Vietnam

Is there any shooting range in Cambodia?

Yes, there are some there. Contact your local travel agencies for more details.


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