Described as a slice of Europe in Vietnam’s central’s highland, Dalat is the ideal city of eternal spring. With the mid-temperature mountainous climate year round in a tropical country, Dalat has a charming appeal featuring a series of amazing waterfalls, some gorgeous lakes, pine-covered hills and several lovely French colonial-inspied villas surrounded by the aroma of pine tree and flowers. Dalat city is one of the most pleasant and affordable budget destinations in highland tours of Vietnam, particularly for those seeking relieve from the high temperatures elsewhere and requires a minimum of two days for your visit.

Dalat | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders


1. How to get to Dalat

By Plan: Once you land in Saigon, Hanoi or Da Nang, you walk to the domestic terminal. There are direct flights of Vietjet or Vietnam airline to Lien Khuong Airport (Dalat). The one-way ticket fee is around 40 USD to 70 USD per person.
By Bus line:  From Saigon, you can also go by sleeper buses. It takes around 6 hours to arrive in Dalat city. It’s quite comfortable for you to choose the night-time buses.
Both Thanh Buoi and Phuong Trang Bus line run all days every 30 minutes or 1 hour. You can book the bus at any time. The round-trip ticket fee is around 20 USD/person.

2. The city center

–  Dalat Market: this is the old market was build in French colonic shaped as a piano. It is an interesting place to visit both day and night. There are a lot of good street, flower, fresh fruit or event anything you want with a nice price. From its own unique architecture beauty of the market, and a great vibe around you can find the place to eat, have a cup of hot soya bean and see how the trading activities in the market. It’s also located nearby Xuan Huong lake – one of the most symbol in this city.

Dalat night market | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Dalat night market

French colonic buildings: back then French colonic, French explored and settled this land as a place for relaxation. There are a lot of old charm constructions consist of the first train station in Vietnam named “ Ga da lat “, the Dalat Teacher’s training college as one of the most unique buildings of the world , Bao Dai Mausoleum, Chicken Church and Domaine de Marie Church.

Domaine de Marie Church | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Domaine de Marie Church

3. Experimental farm time

– Cau Dat Farm: this is a large tea plantation located in the north of Dalat and far from around 20km for the central city. Within around 200 hectare green tea garden covering and the fresh atmosphere spread in your eyes, you can have for your own best shooting in this place. From there, you can visit some coffee farms and have a cup of coffee inside the heart of the green land. You will have a chance to wander an eco-friendly exploring experience of lifestyle locals. It cannot be better while having a fresh cup of hot coffee on a highland tour.

Cau Dat Farm | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Cau Dat Farm

– Plantation: you might grab a type of discovering eco-friendly tour which is high-tech agriculture, organic farm, hydroponic vegetable and flower farms. There is kind of opening green garden culture for you can learn how plants are grown in a fresh environment by tour guide as well as owner. It is possible you can directly pick and buy a variety of signature vegetables, strawberry, fruits from the field for your tour’s experiences.

4. Waterfall

The gorgeous waterfalls are in the listed that you should check out in Dalat. That is an amazing feeling such as magical, refreshing and rejuvenate when you get lost in the beauty of waterfalls in your mind. There are 3 impressive marvelous creations of nature in your chasing a day of adventures.
– Pongour waterfall: taking highway 20 and travel around 50km from Dalat. Entrance fee is around 0.5 USD/person.

Pongour waterfall | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Pongour waterfall

– Elephant waterfall is about 30km of the southwest of the city centre. Entrance fee is free. 
– Prenn Waterfall is about 10km to the south of Dalat. Entrance fee is free.
Dalat city is a place where you can wander all day long. There are lots of wonderful scenes, tasty local food and drink. If you are a real adventurer, you can hire a motorbike from Saigon and ride to Dalat by yourself. You will enjoy your own highland tour with off-track trails and natural beauty.