If you don’t have a long weekend but you still want to run away from Saigon, where do you want to go? One day tour to the jungle is a perfect option for both adventurers and eco travellers. Besides, you don’t need to look for any Saigon local tour to enjoy your weekend. Instead, you can head to Cat Tien National Park by yourself with a little bit of challenge.

Over the last 5 years, environmentalism is one of the most influential in conscious lifestyle of human being as well as travel behavior. For those who want to embrace the beauty of scenery and get away from the urban for your best value travel adventures what we all have in common is the love of the wonderful outdoor. Cat Tien National Park is the destination for Ho Chi Minh city tour (1 day option) to discover the beauty of nature.

Cat Tien Park is home to a rich lowland tropical forest and biosphere reserve in southern Vietnam. It is approximately 160 km from northeast of Ho Chi Minh City and took around 4 hours to get there. This is one of the most unique location which are located in the transition zone between Vietnam’s Truong Son Mountain Range (the highlands) and Mekong Delta. It has an area of about 720 km2. In addition, Cat Tien National Park protects a variety of breathtaking flora, birds as well as animal including Asian elephants, sun bears, gaur and a variety of smaller mammals. It is generally a grand perspective for you, especially for ones who love enjoy natural environment. It would be a nice option to take part in some active activities out there. 


• Visit the Bear and Wildlife Rescue Center
• Take boat trip at the Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake) Wetland and seasonal Floodplains
• Visit villages of Ma and X’tieng ethics and explore the local life
• Visit the Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Center

Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake) | Saigon Riders

Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake)

Planned route

After having breakfast in Saigon with many different and tasty local dishes and make sure that you already stay energized enough to embrace your one day tour, you can leave one of the most active cities in Vietnam for natural environment early in the morning.

The easiest way to get Nam Cat Tien National Park is to depart from Mien Dong Coach Station. A one-way bus ticket costs around 4$ and can be bought at Kim Hoan bus – booth number 5. You will be dropped off in front-of the main gate of the Park. Another way, which is more adventurous, to get there is to go by a motorbike. Riding on a bike for 4 hours gives you more adventurous experience.

From there, let’s take a look around general information and get the map as well as the entrance ticket, which is about 2$, from the ticket box before get into the wild. The entrance ticket can give you one round trip on the boat across Dong Nai river to the Park. Once you reach the Park, you can discover many interesting activities in this Primeval Forest. With such an array of dramatic scenery, you can do some trekking in a leisurely into the jungle, you can challenge yourself by biking around 10 km which are seeing spectacular landscape and exploring the indigenous culture on cycling route or you also enjoy watching the animal wildlife by jeep. If you are a good walker and you’re ready to keep walking far into the wood, you will see the awesome symbol of Nam Cat Tien which is Giant Tung tree estimated almost 700 years old or more.

700-year-old Tung Tree | Saigon Riders

700-year-old Tung Tree

Precious moments consist of your feeling in the outdoor and this bountiful National Park’s nature dominated by the diversity of tropical plants and numerous of species. These plants and species have created an harmonious ecosystem. Other than that, you are easily enable to communicate the sound and the aroma of nature whistling gently in the wind. This Ho Chi Minh City tour, 1 day experience at a low cost in the National Park will blow up your stress as well as tiredness.

Nam Cat Tien Gibbon | Saigon Riders

Nam Cat Tien National Park’s Gibbon

If you plan to take other Saigon local tour at night, you should get ready to leave the Park around 4 pm. After a day in the jungle, you have enough fresh air to boost your energy and get back to your busy daily routine. That’s all for a wonderful one day tour. Have fun and enjoy!

Eco-friendly travel tips

• Pick up trash when you see it and take your own trash home
• Don’t feed animals
• Mind your step in nature walks
• Bring your own water bottle
• Pack your own food

Additional information

• Phuong Trang Bus and Thanh Buoi Bus also sell tickets to Nam Cat Tien National Park
• Trekking footwear and outdoor clothing are highly recommended
• Stay hydrated throughout your day

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