If you intend to find a memorable trip in your holiday in Vietnam, Nam Cat Tien National Park is a true heaven for travelers. This is one of the best Vietnam national park tours to discover the beauty of nature. 

The natural beauty of Nam Cat Tien National Park is amazing.

The natural beauty of Nam Cat Tien National Park is amazing.

Information about Nam Cat Tien National Park

The park is located in Dong Nai province which is about 160 km from the north of Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the nature enthusiasts choose the adventure riding to go everywhere in the park. The new feeling from the adventure makes it  unforgettable in your life. The tropical forests play an important role in the diversity of natural ecosystem of Nam Cat Tien. According to study, the park has 600 varieties of plants, 240 types of birds and 50 species of mammals. Therefore, this adventure is a chance to bring you back to the nature and discover the featured tropical forest in the South East Asia.

The landscape of tropical forest is in Nam Cat Tien Park.

The landscape of tropical forest is in Nam Cat Tien Park

If you are ready to start attractive challenging tour, some tips & inspiration below are good for visitors to enjoy the fantastic journey. 

Best time to visit the destination

Nam Cat Tien is one of the most highlights of Vietnam jungle tours. The park consists of evergreen rainforests, so the roads in forest are not easy to come through. Travelers should set up suitable time to visit there. The best time to reach it is the dry season which starts from December to May of the next year. From June to November is the rainy season when it often rain, even storm. Due to disadvantage weather, visitors get trouble to go in the forest. You also can be bitten by forest insects. In the dry one, you can go in the depth of forest with Nam Cat Tien tour motorbike.

Many travelers choose motorbike to explore the park

Many travelers choose motorbike to explore the park.

From December to May of next year, the weather is quite beautiful, less rain and dry. It will be a great time for you to conquer the towering mountains and challenging treks. You will not walk on foot to visit, Nam Cat Tien park tour dirt bike also allow  you to see various fauna and flora and study the culture of tribes, whose is living in this forest. You are experienced on vehicle driving through the forest. You should prepare some things to discover: camera, insect repellent, wide brim hat, swimming suits, sunglasses, pants, long t-shirt, shoes, etc.

Highlight destinations

Coming to Nam Cat Tien National Park is like coming the magical wildlife. Real challenge that  you have never seen is waiting for you in this park. You will directly join the exciting treks between the wild. Wild Gibbon Trek and Bau Sau Trek make the adventure tour become more fantastic. You will be lucky person when see singing gibbon and the wildlife of crocodiles in swarm. 

A wild crocodile is hunting at Bau Sau

A wild crocodile is hunting at Bau Sau

It’s not only amazing with wild animal in the park, Nam Cat Tien also has diversity of plants. Giant Lagerstroemia ovalifolia trees, giant Tung trees and many rare and exotic flora make the rich of mysteries forest. 

Budget for travelling

To save money, you can hire an enduro  to go Nam Cat Tien . It costs 50 -150 USD for 2-3 days. The fee of entrance ticket is 40.000-80.000VND per one. For your best adventure, you can choose one of the hotels below: 

  • Green Hope Lodge: cost of 7-40 USD per night
  • Cat Tien Forest Call Lodge: 4 USD – 34 USD/night
  •  Cat Tien Jungle Lodge: 82 USD – 225 USD/night
  •  River Lodge: 7 USD – 36 USD/night
  • Forest Floor Lodge Nam Cat Tien: 45USD up to/ night

Forest Floor Lodge Nam Cat Tien is a unique hotel situated in Nam Cat Tien, Tan Phu, Dong Nai. It provides the perfect location for tourist to discover this park. The hotel has good qualification of serving system makes all guests satisfied.

Tourist enjoys the breakfast by the river

Tourist enjoys the breakfast by the river

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