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Have you ever returned home from a vacation and felt like you barely know about the place's culture and heritage? It also means that you neither get to know the locals nor taste the real specialties and absorb the culture. It is true that this is the same situation all over the world today in terms of tourism. Travel agencies often take you to a lot of places as possible in a tour. Moreover, they usually lead you to shopping areas where you will spend a lot of your treasure time there. Hence, as a culture seeker like you, you may have lost what you were looking for in the journey. Why don't you travel by yourself with a little help of local people? At Saigon Riders, we let you to self-explore authentic experiences by riding on beautifully beaten-off trails from the South to the North of Vietnam. Our trips are not merely passing by as many destinations as we can. On the other hand, our journeys are more about the soul of a place. You will have opportunities to get acquainted with local people, live in a friendly homestay and taste the delicious food and drink. Our adventurous journeys are tailored for people like you, the ones who enjoy the culture and heritage of each destination you have been through. The goal of every trip is to make you be more about yourself. You will experience the local life as well as satisfy what you are looking for. Your journey will be more meaningful with the cultural learning experiences.

Have you ever been sitting on the sidewalk to drink a cup of coffee? If not, come to Vietnam, it’s worth spending hours to enjoy it – a unique feature of food and drink in Saigon. When you plan to pick any Saigon tour (Vietnam), remember to take your time to sit on the sidewalk

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Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as many still call it, is a city buzzing with life wherever you turn.

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