Located in central Vietnam, Quy Nhon is a coastal city in Binh Dinh province where is surrounded by many pristine sandy beaches, lush mountains and tranquil islands. Unlike other beaches in Vung Tau or Nha Trang, Quy Nhon is a paradise beach which has a peaceful beauty with crystal clear water. While this hidden spot is not on the radar of most people, you may want to take a Quy Nhon city tour on your itinerary to discover all the beautiful nature of countryside beaches.

1. Ky Co Beach, a must-visit destination in Quy Nhon city tour

Away from Quy Nhon city about 2km, Ky Co is the most beautiful place in Vietnam that you can easily get there by a fishing boat or a speedboat from Nhon Ly village. You may be impressed with the stunning cliffs, white sands and clear blue water with small sea rocks around. What could be better than to be immersing in the cool water or just simply lying down on the soft sand under the warm sunlight to enjoy a charming artwork from nature?


Jumping into the cool water of Ky Co beach

2. The sea sidewalk in Hon Kho, one of the favorite places in Quy Nhon tour

Another ideal destination nearby Nhon Trach fishing village that you would not want to miss on your Quy Nhon tour is Hon Kho Island. Hon Kho presents a perfect combination of turquoise waters, sandy dune and colorful coral reefs which is close to the shore and very shallow about 1-2km from the water level. You can rent a jacket and goggles from the local tour providers to explore the mysterious coral world under the sea. Other interesting activities you may want to try are jet-ski, kayak boat or enjoy a short romantic walk on a unique road under the beach only appear when the tide ebbs away.


Hon Kho island is famous for its sea creatures

3. Eo Gio – The Windy Pass

Another attractive spot you may consider on your Quy Nhon adventure tour is Eo Gio with rough cliffs, massive caves, gusty wind and deep blue water smashing against large rocks which creates such a beautiful landscape but also full of danger. I guess adventure lovers couldn’t miss this place as bathing on the beach surrounded by bumpy rocks and stone pebbles could be challenging. You can also conquer challenged dangerous mountains and explore all the wild mysterious caves in Eo Gio when coming there.


Eo Gio – the Windy Pass – the best place to see the sunrise in Vietnam

4. Phuong Mai Peninsula

Just about 20km from Quy Nhon city, Phuong Mai peninsula is a secluded place with vast expanses of sand right beside Nhon Trach beach. The huge sandy dunes keep changing its shape owning to windy blows from the nearby beaches. Sandboarding is an exciting activity that you would like to try on sandy soft hills or you may want to test your strength by climbing one of those dunes. It also is the best place to sit at the top of those dunes enjoying the stunning views of the endless sea merging into the horizon, extremely fascinated under the sunrise or sunset.


Phuong Mai peninsula where sand dunes are beautifully huge

5. Thap Doi Tower

Quy Nhon also is the famous province with the highest number of Champaera ruins in Vietnam. This would be a great place for Quy Nhon tourists to discover the ancient beauty of the remained architecture of the Cham templates which were built in the 11th century by Champa rulers. Knowing as the heart of the city, Thap Doi towers’ structure is impressive with sandstone sculptures on the old template wall, getting some similarities with the Angkor templates in Cambodia.


Thap Doi Tower includes the remained architecture of Cham templates

If you already visited Vung Tau or Nha Trang beaches over many times, so why don’t you change to explore a new undiscovered gem with full of challenging activities and water sports rather than just swimming like Quy Nhon? Let’s take your backpack, pick your phone to call us – Saigon Riders and get a motorbike to depart. Quy Nhon has always welcomed you!

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