Vietnam is one of the famous countries having amazing natural attractions and hidden charm of culture in the world. If you’re kind of adventure blood type then look no further. Moreover, try motorbike tours Vietnam to explore this land is some truly unforgettable adventures in your trip.

However, overseas adventures are generally required to apply for a visa in advance to visit Vietnam. Thanks for the process of getting a visa is straightforward, Vietnam has a delightfully relaxed visa system for tourists as long as you must clarify step by step to get the visa carefully. So here’s a comprehensive guide on Vietnamese visa how to apply for and renew your visa in Vietnam.

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An overview of the Vietnam visa

The basic requirement for a visa is that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the intended stay and must have at least a blank page for entry stamp. You also are required to submit 2 passport photos taken within 6 months.

Please consider the visa type for your purpose when visiting Vietnam which is a single entry visa for those whose enter/exit Vietnam 1 time and the secondly is a multiple entries visa for those whose enter/exit Vietnam unlimited times as long as your visa is still valid. If you need more information, you can contact any tour agency – Saigon for help.

Vietnam entry visas
Before getting into the nitty-gritty, here’s good news some. If you are from citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam that it means you do not bother about Vietnam entry visa and can receive the immigration stamp for free followed by listing:
– Less than 90 days: Chile, France
– Less than 60 days visa-free entry: APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders, Chile.
– Less than 30 days visa-free entry: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos.
– Less than 21 days: Philippines
– Less than 15 days: Japan, South Korean, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, UK, German. Russian passport holders are not required to have a visa to Vietnam if having return tickets.
– Less than 14 days: Brunei
– Phu Quoc Island: You can visit this island without a visa for up to 30 days for travel purposes. It does mean that you just can stay in Phu Quoc Island and cannot travel into Vietnam without a visa.
If you are not citizens of above countries, you can apply for a tourist visa at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, or you can do the process for a visa online and get the Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) which is only issues in Vietnam by air.

Additional information

– Apply for the Vietnamese tourist Visa: You have to fill the form online and pay the tourist visa application fee. The online form is required all your personal details and basic information for both Vietnam online visa single entry or multiple entries. Then you have to send your paperwork to the Vietnam Immigration Department, they will issue a letter confirming that you are travelling to Vietnam and that your visa on arrival process is open.

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Vietnam visa application

– Get the visa on Arrival: will send to you another form that you must print it out and fill by hand, also the copy of the immigration letter. With two letters and your passport, you can fly to Vietnam.
– Get the Vietnamese Tourist Visa: When you arrive at the airport, you must find the landing visa signal. At the landing visa Counter, you will show them these two documents and two passport photos. Then take a seat and wait until the office calls your name.
The process for Vietnamese visa on arrival is easier and faster than the process to get the visa for Vietnam via an Embassy. However, because requirements for visa applications vary on so much depending on many factors. It is advisable that you contact the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in advance and directly to ask them for the latest information relevant to you.

Renewal of a tourist visa

The Vietnamese government has temporary stopped extend the visa for all nationalities. However, you can get visa renewal which is only eligible for those who are granted visa exemption upon entry.
The maximum length of time you can renew your visa for is three months only. You can also upgrade your current one-month visa to one to three months or form a single-entry visa to multiple entries one and pay the fee. The cost for renewal is around US$200 to US$350 depending on which types of visa and how long you are planning to renew.
It is always best to contact the Immigration Department of Vietnam (Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh city) in advance and ask ahead. In case you have a short time to get a visa, you may want to contact with a tour agency, Saigon for more instant information.

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Vietnam travelling visa

Visa Fee

In general, you must pay two type of fee which is the Approval letter fee is paid online and the stamping fee is paid in cash at the airports.
Please note that, depending on the type of visa, you have to do research or ask to update the latest information.
Approval Letter fee:
–  Single entry: $25/1person
–  Multiple entry: $50/1 person
Stamping fee:
–  Single entry: $25/1person/ 1-3 months
–  Multiple entry: $50/1 person/ 1-3 months
Hopefully, with all the general detail above will be useful for those whose are looking for information about Vietnamese visa issue. Applying for a visa in advance is the most way to make sure your motorbike tour in Vietnam enjoyable. Saigon Riders is willing to help you with the visa. Contact for more help.