Ranked as the top 7th weird tourist destinations in Asian Country by foreigners, and known as one of the six artificial constructions in the globe, Cu Chi is the historical site where describes the shelter life of Viet Cong in the war. Therefore, a day trip to Cu Chi Tunnel would give you the experience not only a underground life but also a historical discovery tour to understand how they were able to beat one of the most powerful countries in the world. So you may want to take my Cu Chi Tunnel review if you intend to visit this amazing place. Particularly, shooting range is one of the popular activities here. Moreover, Cu Chi tunnels shooting price is affordable to almost every tourist.

How to get to Cu Chi shooting range

Located away from Ho Chi Minh City around 70 km on northwest, you can take a bus straight to Cu Chi Tunnels for convenience and more savings for your travel budget but it’s better to have a bike ride because you can view the beautiful sceneries on roadsides and enjoy the famous local food – “Bun Gio Heo Minh Quy” on 22/6 Avenue 22, Tan Thoi Nhi, Hoc Mon.


Riding on an enduro motorbike to the shooting range sounds more adventurous

Why do people love to come to Cu Chi tunnels shooting range?

Shooting is a strong sport which a lot of visitors love to participate. You will join the training session before start shooting real bullets at the range. You can choose the right guns to you. It could be guns used during the war. after being fully instructed, you can try shooting guns with still targets or mobile targets.


You can pick any gun most suitable to you

What can you expect to have in the shooting range?

The destination of the tour is at the Cu Chi Tunnels shooting range. This one is the most favorite site providing very exciting activity ever that you would not want to miss. If you have been familiar with survival games such as pubg, so this is a great chance for you to show-up your skill as a gunner or sniper, with the AK-47, M16s on hand or other weapons you like.


Even a teenager can try a shooting training here

There are many Cu Chi Tunnel shooting range price, based on the kind of weapon you pick. However, the price should not be much more than 50,000 vnd/ 60 minutes for service fee. Here is the price for bullets:

  • Bullet M16: 35.000 VND / bullet
  • Bullet M30: 30.000 VND / bullet
  • Bullet Carbine: 25.000 VND/ bullet
  • Bullet AK 47 : 40.000 VND / bullet
  • Bullet M60: 40.000 VND / bullet
  • Garand : 30.000 VND / bullet

But remember one thing, the sound track of shooting is very cloud and jarring, so you have to protect your ears carefully with the ear protection.


Do you want to give it a try?

One tragic place with war relics in the past, would you mark this spot for your next adventure? Lessons about the survival life of poor Vietnamese soldiers, a war museum and playing the part of gunner would be an invaluable experience in your life. So, let’s start your journey now by reaching us – Saigon Riders.

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