This world-notable region, the Phong Nha National Park, is governed by Quang Binh province, about 500 km to the South from HaNoi, the capital of Vietnam. The park possesses a 126 km systems of 300 caves and grottos, the park honorly owns one of the finest and most distinctive examples of a complex karst landform in the South East Asia, stated by the UNESCO. The park is recognized to be one of two largest limestone zones (2,000 km-square) in the world.

distant-view-of-the-peaceful-and-magnificent-phong-nha-national-park-region-saigon-ridersDistant view of the peaceful and magnificent Phong Nha National Park region

Coming to this National Park

Coming to this National Park, there are innumerable spectacular natural scenes. Let’s start from the Phong Nha Botanic Garden. Located inside the reserved national park, the garden covers the area of Gió (Wind) Waterfall, Vàng Anh Lake, pristine forest patches with animal and plants in the rare list. It is 12km from the Phong Nha Tourism Center that the natural forest in located, where tourists can join the eco-tours, observing living species in the wild and semi-wild area.

wind-waterfall-looks-so-soft-and-light-saigon-ridersWind Waterfall looks so soft and light

There are two main routes

There are two main routes to choose when going on an eco-tour at the Botanical Garden Phong Nha, one is 1600 meters long and the other is 3000 meters long, each features different significant sights. Both of the routes start with the specimen showroom where prototypes of precious animals and plants are exhibited, then going through the Animal Rescue Zone and later separate into two pathways as follows:

  • Route 1: Specimen showroom – Animal Rescue Zone – Precious and rare Plants – Gio Waterfall. Estimated travel time: 2 hours.
  • Route 2: Specimen showroom – Animal Rescue Zone – Vang Anh lake – Precious and rare Plants – Natural pathway – Gio Waterfall. Estimated time: 3 hours.

trekking-through-the-phong-nha-botanical-garden-with-tour-guide-saigon-ridersTrekking through the Phong Nha botanical garden, with tour guide

Leaving the garden for the Phong Nha Cave tours, the name of which makes the name of the national park. Phong Nha Cave has always been gorgeous and majestic thanks to the wonderful natural rock formation inside the caves and grottos, which is also known as karst.

Top Caves to Explore in Phong Nha-Ke Bang

Owning 7 best heritages of the Vietnam and the world : the longest water-cave, the highest and widest cave mouth, the widest and the most beautiful sandbank, rock bank; the most beautiful underground lake; the most magnificent and miraculous stalactites; the prettiest and widest dry cave; the longest underground river (about 13,969 meters) of Vietnam.

some-grottos-dont-have-sunlight-thus-tourists-should-bring-a-flashlight-saigon-ridersSome grottos don’t have sunlight thus tourists should bring a flashlight

It’s worth enjoying your trip to Phong Nha cave on motorbike tours. Finding a hostel, a hotel in the Phong Nha village, taking motorbikes to the Phong Nha pier where there are tour boats to the Phong Nha cave. It’s the way riding motorbikes to the pier that makes beginning of your trip charming and greening.

There are at least 14 chambers, connected by the underwater rivers, more chambers are thought to be exist but yet to discover as it’s dangerous for the explorers. In the Phong Nha Cave system, there are 8 notable grottos lying inside the cave: Dark grotto (Hang Tối), E Grotto, Chà An Grotto, Thung Grotto, Én Grotto, Khe Tiên Grotto, Khe Ry Grotto, Khe Thi Grotto, each has their own significance.

dark-grotto-is-twinkle-and-attractive-even-in-the-dark-saigon-ridersDark Grotto is twinkle and attractive even in the dark

The nature creates such majestic sights that could live long, and that no words or pictures could describe and capture its beauty. So, it’s better having a tour to Phong Nha rather than just seeing it through the screens. And if you are thinking of planning an adventure riding, we are always more than welcome to listen your ideas, your wants and we will advise you the best route.

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