When you have a chance to join tour Mekong Delta – 1 day, there is one thing that will be never missed in your journey. That’s the specialty dishes here. The food in the South West of Vietnam is usually made from the available sources and the local people make it on their own. Therefore, you can feel secure to enjoy the cuisine here because it’s really fresh and good for your health.

Coconut candy

Coconut candy is one of the most common candies in Vietnam which is a famous specialty of Ben Tre province. It reminds about the homeland of coconut trees, a kind of general-purpose fruit. We can take advantage of any parts of coconut for making food, beverage, and candy. In general, the local people produce it in a very simple way with basic ingredients, including coconut water, malt syrup, and sugar.

Keo Dua | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Coconut Candy (Keo Dua)

Firstly, people have to extract the inside, then grind and put it into a fabric pad to filter and obtain the coconut milk. Next, it will be blended with syrup, sugar, water, and then boiled. Third, the producers have to gradually move around the mixture until it turns into the solid state. After that, the solidified mixture will be put on a frame, cut into small square shapes. And finally, each lovely piece will be wrapped by a wax-paper. Most of the tourists joining tour Mekong Delta – 1 day are taken to a coconut candy factory so as to see the coconut candy production and enjoy the flavor of the product there.

Pia Cake

Pia cake is a specialty food in Soc Trang province. This cake makes the tourists addicted to its sweet flavor and want to eat more and more when they accidentally bite off a little bit. There is an interesting thing about this kind of cake. Whereas the cake’s crust outside is made from tapioca and wheat flour, the filling inside is included sticky rice flour, mung bean paste, salted duck egg, and pork fat and of course, the characteristic flavor of durian.

Banh Pia | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Pia Cake (Banh Pia)

This is exactly the best choice when choosing a nice gift for your family and friends because it will be a clear and convincing evidence that you traveled to Mekong Delta.

Vietnamese pancakes (Banh xeo)

If you are a big fan of fried foods, Banh xeo is the suitable option. Pancake is made from rice flour, which looks like crepe when fried but larger and crispier. Puff pastry consists of pork, shrimp, a few vegetables like cassava or bean sprouts. When eaten, the pancake is really crunchy in your mouth. You can roll it with rice paper and vegetables, then dipped in the fish sauce.

Banh xeo | Saigon Riders

Banh xeo – Vietnamese pancakes

Clear rice noodle (Hu tiu)

Hu Tieu – clear rice noodle is a dish you must try once, especially the one in My Tho city (belong to Tien Giang Province). The broth has a naturally sweet flavor because it’s cooked for hours by pork bone and pork leg. The bowl will be decorated by a little bit green onion, bean sprout, fried scallion, some slices of boiled pork meat and noodles before ladling the broth over them. All are combined together and create a specific dish that you can’t forget.

Hu tiu My Tho | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Clear rice noodles (Hu tiu)

Macerated fish noodles (Bun Mam)

The kind of food may be seen as the most special food in the South West of Vietnam. Not everyone can eat bun Mam because it has a strong taste from macerated fish. But I can bet that if this food is easy for you to enjoy, it will be an addictive substance. The main ingredient to make this dish is macerated Siamese mud carp from An Giang Province. Similar to Hu Tieu, the broth is cooked from water or coconut water, pork bones and macerated fish. The bowl will be severed with some slices of fish, pork, shrimp and squid. You can also enjoy some interesting vegetables like common sesban flower, water lily plant and sesbania grandiflora flower. I have tried so many times but whenever mentioning it, I always want to eat a bowl immediately.

Bun Mam | Motorbike tour | Saigon Riders

Macerated fish noodles (Bun Mam)

If you intend to take part in tour Mekong Delta – 1 day, try all the food I have introduced above. I believe that you never feel disappointed with your choice. More interestingly, you will be amazed if you can ride to Mekong Delta by a motorbike