Sevi and Maja, a nice young couple, book a 3-day tour called Loving Mekong delta to explore Vietnam Mekong delta with Saigon Riders.

The highlights of this tour are floating markets, floating villages along Mekong river, back roads, waterways, and local customs and cuisines

They chose the pillion riding option due to not being familiar with Vietnam traffic. That’s was a smart decision.  It even takes time for experienced riders to understand how the locals ride here, absolutely!

The couple was driving on back roads mostly through villages away from the tourist track and discovering the real life of people living along this magic river. This 3-day Mekong delta tour is an adventurous journey where they would fall in love with waterways, back roads, culture, and heritage in this area.

The video below was at the lunch stop. A secret food was ordered as a side dish and they wouldn’t know what the meat was. Now watch the video!

eating rice-field rats

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