Hue city has a significant role in Vietnam’s history in the past under the Nguyen dynasty – the last Emperor in Vietnam. So that, this town besides the Hương river is know most famously for the rich and value traditional of imperial architecture. The city’s landmarks are one of national treasures in Vietnam that millions of tourists would like to get the stunning imperial symbols of Hue tombs to see the incredible of historic citadel of Vietnam and the great beauty of Imperial Hue. Here are 7 famous tombs you can visit when you stay in Hue.

  • Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb is surrounded by an amazing romantic and beautiful landscape which lies on a hill with large river and lake. The tomb is the resting place of the second King – King Minh Mang – of Nguyen Dynasty which includes the construction of his own funeral complex. His burial site is a perfect combination of landscape and architecture which comprises 40 structures, salutation court, stele pavilion, temple, lake and tomb itself. Is is the most majestic of all Nguyen Dynasty royal tombs in Hue.

minh-mang-tomb-lies-on-a-beautiful-hill-saigon-ridersMinh Mang tomb lies on a beautiful hill

  • Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc tomb, also called Khiem Lang, is one of the most tombs must be visited in Hue tombs tour. It is the largest and the most luxurious one in Hue. King Tu Duc move his family royal into this place and used as a home for relaxing, reading and composing poetry before he died. Thus, the landscape of this tomb will be made you feel like you went to a large park and embrace yourself in the spiritual air of mounts and lakes.

tomb-of-tu-duc-is-surrounded-by-lakes-and-trees-saigon-ridersTomb of Tu Duc is surrounded by lakes and trees

  • Gia Long tomb

King Gia Long is the 1 first of of the Nguyen who established Vietnam’s capital in Hue. It’s at the top of list Nguyen Dynasty tombs in Hue private tour. This tomb is a great masterpiece which a perfect combination among nature, architecture and the air. You will have a tomb tour to discover three main parts of system covering 42 mountains and hills considered the king and the queen of life after they passed away.

gia-long-tomb-is-a-great-work-of-both-nature-and-architecture-saigon-ridersGia Long tomb is a great work of both nature and architecture

  • Dong Khanh tomb

One of interesting fact is King Dong Khanh has no time to plan for his own tomb because he passed away at the age of 25 after getting to the throne only 3 years. He built this temple to worship for his father. Then his son – King Thanh Thai – used the temple and renamed it for him. Other than that, the most amazing of Dong Khanh tomb is where conserved the famous lacquer art in Viet Nam. The time is the most splendid monument of Hue which was almost influenced harmony between western and eastern orientation in terms of architecture and decoration.

dong-khanh-tomb-expresses-lacquer-art-in-vietnam-saigon-ridersDong Khanh tomb expresses lacquer art in Vietnam

  • Khai Dinh tomb

Khai Dinh Tomb is located in the An Bang village far from around 12 km Hue town. When you enter to the royal tombs system, you will see the traditional row of mandarins reflected chinese architectural design. In addition, the most highlighted feature of the tomb is the intricate painting on the ceiling, and inslutrating nine dragons amidst fleeting clouds. Thus, this turn the tomb into a masterpiece of architectural sculpture quintessence in Vietnam Fine Art.

khai-dinh-tomb-is-in-an-bang-village-saigon-ridersKhai Dinh tomb is in An Bang village

  • Duc Duc tomb

Hue tomb tour of Duc Duc royal tomb compound contains resting place of 3 kings of the Nguyen: Duc Duc, Thanh Thai and Duy Tan. It is simpler than other Hue Tomes because of the modest architecture and decoration. However, it has a special charm all its own and remind us an eventful historical story about King Thanh Thai and King Duy Tan of the Nguyen Dynasty.

duc-duc-tomb-is-a-resting-place-of-3-kings-saigon-ridersDuc Duc tomb is a resting place of 3 kings

  • Thieu Tri tomb

This tomb was recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1993. The tomb has two main parts containing tomb area and temple area and is located very close to the imperial Tu Duc tomb. It is the resting place of King Thieu Tri – son of King Minh Mang, so that it has several similarities to the tomb of Minh Mang in the art of wind and water with the peaceful background of the countryside.

thieu-tri-tomb-is-a-world-heritage-saigon-ridersThieu Tri tomb is a world heritage

Hue travel is a very new adventure if you want to be back to the old times by visiting the royal tombs. It’s a very different experience you should try while coming to this place. Besides historically famous tombs, Hue cuisine is also very popular. You can have other food tour in this city.

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