The Mekong river is worldly ranked 12th in length, and Asian-regionally ranked 7th, flowing through 6 countries, namely China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Vietnam Mekong river has 9 distributaries, then flowing out to the East Sea Vietnam. That is why the Mekong Delta is also known as “Nine Dragon River”. There are various myths for this holy name. You could find out more about it on the internet.


A small boat is going through canals to local village on a Mekong Delta trip a group of 3 people

Among the great attractions of not only Vietnam but also the Asia region, the Mekong Delta is a hot spot, welcoming thousands of domestic and international travelers. The delta is awesome, and it is even much better if you have these tips before your Mekong Delta trip.

1. The weather truly makes your trip pretty

Mekong Delta trip is available all year round, welcoming travelers all around the globe with four-season fruits and colourful sights. If you travel from June to September, the rainy seasons which is very hot and humid, you can taste most of the tropical fruits grown in the delta. It is usually flooded in October and November, thus, going to the Mekong Delta this time, you will not see much of the area, and of course, this period will cost you the least. From December to May, the delta is in it most vibrant status with flower season. It’s also the best time to travel around Vietnam in general.


The less popular attraction spots are usually flooded when it’s September or October

2. Bring suitable clothing and pack lightly make you feel more comfortable

No matter what season it is during your Mekong Delta day trip, you should wear breathable, comfortable and bright-colour clothes to avoid as much heat and humidity as possible. A raincoat will keep you dried when sudden rains come.


Bright and thin clothes will make you comfortable during a heated day

3. Bug, insect spray and sunscreen is essential

Regardless where to go and what to do in Mekong Delta, you should always have bug spray, insect healer to protect you from itching as it is very hot in the Mekong with fertile swamps, humid surroundings which are home to insects, bugs, mosquitoes, etc. Sunscreen should be applied during your Mekong Delta day trip, else you will get serious sunburn after your excursion.

4. Bring extra water, it’ll keep you hydrated

Bottled water will be available along the way if you go on a Mekong Delta trip, however, it is a great idea if you also keep a small bottle of water beside you. It will make you feel fresh when traveling under the equatorial heat.


Brigh a small bottle of water keep you hydrated during your long way trip

5. Be prepared for your time on the bus

The Mekong Delta is very large, in fact, it covers most of the South of Vietnam, thus, sightseeing the Delta takes most of your time to travel from one attraction point to another. Usually, a Mekong Delta day trip takes a total of 6 hours travelling on the bus, and the rest of the time will be for experience. If you go for 2 or more days, it will even take more time on travelling, as the sights are not closed to one another. So, you should take whatever it is to make you happy and enjoy your time on long bus rides.

No matter what types of trip you will join to tour around the Mekong Delta, let’s say organized trip, adventurous tour or a group excursion, having those tips in mind before you go will make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

We hope you have a great experience Mekong Delta trip.

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