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For those who are not Vietnamese citizens and are planning to travel to our country, we offer neccessary tour guide tips in Vietnam to you. Located in the South of Vietnam, we are usually asked for Saigon travel tips by our foreign friends, bikers and adventurers. We are very pleased to help you with these tips and inspiration. Don't you dare to get out of comfort zone and leave your boring daily routine for a while to travel adventures around Vietnam? Travelling, especially adventurous journeys, is a very rewarding experience. Don't let your fear hold you back behind. We, Saigon Riders, are always here to give you lots of uplifting and inspiring travel tips. Join our adventures and explore hidden trails in Vietnam by riding on an enduro motorbike. More fun, more adventures and more friends are waiting for your on the way!

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as many still call it, is a city buzzing with life wherever you turn.

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I did a lot of research before heading to Vietnam on my own, probably too much research to be honest

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