Not an attractive tourism spots like Da Lat, but to pristine highland lovers, tourists would fall in love with Dak Lak once you come there. Apart from the crowd of Dalat, Dak lak has its own unique charm with the perfect combination of many rivers & massive hills, surrounded by lakes, majestic waterfalls and verdurous primeval forests which creates an ideal ecotourism destination. But what else could you do besides enjoying such this beautiful landscape? Let’s skim some of amazing things to do in Dak Lak Vietnam which would make your trip worth than ever.

daklak-has-a-combination-of-rivers-hills-waterfalls-and-lakes-saigon-ridersDaklak has a combination of rivers, hills, waterfalls and lakes

1/ Riding elephants in Buon Don

Located in Krong Na and far about 40 km from Buon Ma Thuot, Buon Don Village is the critical travel spot in Dak Lak that you must be in your first destination. Famous for the land of hunting and taming wild elephants, you can experience the feeling of riding these elephants around the green forest and deserted old villages for sightseeing, or trying harder challenges by riding them to get across the Serepok River. An elephant can carry about 3-4 people for a ride, and you also can reward them some small sugar-canes after the ride trip. Moreover, with over 40 ethnic minorities living there like E De, Lao…, it would be a great chance for you to discover the unique culture of these highland ethnic groups and if you wish, village patriarch may held an festival with traditional folk activities such as drinking steam wine for warm welcome to your visit. 

riding-an-elephant-is-nice-and-interesting-saigon-ridersRiding an elephant is nice and interesting

  • Reference fee for an elephant ride: 300.000 VNĐ/ 30’/ 3 people

2/ Canoeing on Lak Lake

Away 60 km from Buon Ma Thuot city, Lak Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in daklak province and second largest in Vietnam. Surrounded by a vast primeral forest, so there are many amazing activities of ecological tourism for you to experience like taking a dugout canoe to enjoy a peaceful scene with the deep blue lake and a diversify of vegetational cover alongs the Lak lakeside or biking to visit around the old M’nong village. Beside, around 10 km nearby is Yang Tao village where is the only place in highlands still preserve the pottery art of M’nong Riam group. You may want to study about the art of handiwork pottery as well as find special pottery souvenirs with affordable prices. If you come here on the early September, you may get impressed with the vast of ripe rice fields in harvest spreading along the road, such a charming poetic sight only appears in daklak viet nam.

lak-lake-is-an-ideal-destination-to-come-closer-to-the-nature-saigon-ridersLak Lake is an ideal destination to come closer to the nature

3/ Exploring the wildlife of animals in Yok Don National Park

Located 40km western north from daklak vietnam, Yok Don national park is one of the largest nature reserves of Vietnam with the dimension of 115.545ha. Its attraction is the secluded beauty of dense rainforests and disdain mountain ranges. Yok Don is also the home of 62 animals, 196 species of birds, 46 species of insects, 13 species of amphibians and 464 species of plants, mostly is Magnolia. There are around 38 species of rare animals in Yok Don and 17 species in the red list of the world. You can have a safari tour to discover the mysterious world of these creatures when the night falls. Some of adventurous activities may interest you here are caring elephant tour, trekking and camping.

yon-don-national-park-gathers-a-lot-of-wild-animals-saigon-ridersYon Don National Park gathers a lot of wild animals

4/ Experiencing coffee culture in Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Due to the unique coffee culture in dak lak, so needless to say, Buon Ma Thuot city is the capital of Robusta in Vietnam. You can easily find this specialty in the coffee land, especially ripe Robusta beans which known as “fine Robusta”. They may cost more but the taste is significantly sweeter and more aromatic. One coffee village must be in the checklist in your daklak adventure tour is Trung Nguyen Coffee Village where you can not only buy the best Robusta but also a good museum to study the history as well as the growth of coffee culture throughout the centuries in vietnam. More especially, you may catch the chance to contemplate the beauty of coffee fields when the coffee flowers overflow the hills with its pure white color at the end of February or the beginning of March. 

coming-to-vietnam-you-should-know-more-about-coffee-culture-by-visiting-trung-nguyen-coffee-village-saigon-ridersComing to Vietnam, you should know more about coffee culture by visiting Trung Nguyen coffee village     

Dak Lak – a highland destination where you can explore more things about traditional cultures, people of ethnic groups and the beauty of handicraft arts besides the nature discovery. A promising land that would enhance your experience and what more? The answer is reaching us – Saigon Riders for a motorbike, moving ahead to Dak Lak and find out your own story.

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