River cruise is a very typical type in Europe, and nowadays this kind of traveling is getting more and more popular in Vietnam. If the river flows through the Venice – a city of Italia brings a charming and romantic beauty, traveling by boat in Vietnam has such a specific characteristic.

Foreign tourists are extremely excited about exploring the beauty of the Asian region, especially the journeys along the Mekong delta. Traveling on the Mekong River through the Southwest provinces such as Cai Be, Can Tho is a short-term trip popular with the tourists when coming to the South of Vietnam. You can take any Saigon – Mekong Delta tour to experience the beauty here on a reasonable budget.


The Mekong river valley flows through the fertile delta which creates a bustling paddy agricultural area. Coming to the Southwest, you will be kept pace with the air of floating life on the water in an ordinary way and enjoy the rich natural products.

In addition, to travel Mekong Delta – Vietnam, you should prepare for experience its famous river and canal system. Only with a boat can we roll over to the most remote parts of the area. Life on the water has become a prerequisite for the development of tourism by boat recently.

Lotus pond - Mekong Delta | Saigon Riders

Lotus pond

Here we go!

Firstly, you will depart from Saigon and go to the first destination: Can Tho Or Cai Be. When arriving, you will be taken to a fully equipped wooden yacht that the meals has been prepared considerately. The boat is about to working and you will be able to start exploring the daily life of the Mekong people. In the afternoon, it’s freedom for you to go ashore and walk around the village to enjoy the sweetness of tropical fruit from the gardens or the immense beauty of the paddy fields.

During the trip, you are also visited the traditional confectionery or the local arts and crafts villages. Let’s buy something here as a souvenir for your trip.

Floating market

One of the most remarkable features of the Mekong Delta is floating market. After breakfast, tourists will be transported to Cai Rang floating market by a small boat, the busiest and most lively market in the area. People hold a market very early in the morning, so you have to wake up in time to observe the whole pace of life on the river surface. You will be amazed at the richness that nature brings to this place. The fruits and vegetables are extremely fresh because they have been picked from the garden not long ago. Arts and crafts made from artisans are exposed spectacularly. We will cross another boat to negotiate the price of the goods with the seller. To travel Mekong Delta, you should stay firm on a boat and learn to buy fruits there.

Floating Market - Mekong Delta | Saigon Riders

Floating Market

You will be carried along the river to see the house decoration of the local people. The layout is really distinguished because it is not the high-rise buildings, skyscrapers. It’s simply the four-level houses with a small garden surrounded, which creates a specifically color off the villages. It’s also possibly to explore the whole town by walking or explore the small canals by bike. It would be interesting to go to the gardens to pick and enjoy the freshness of the fruits, to cook the southwestern dishes at the local people’s home.

Western specialties

The Southwest cuisine, especially in the Mekong Delta, is an outstanding feature of Vietnamese culture. You will enjoy the countryside dishes made of fresh raw materials such as sour soup with lemongrass, braised fish, fried swordfish, pancakes, sweetened porridge, sweetened cakes and etc. The food is cooked in a meticulous, clever, charming way although it looks like quite simple in decoration. What a shortage it is if you do not take notes and try them one by one. And in case you are accidentally addicted to that dishes, do not forget to ask the chef the recipe. Otherwise, it is really difficult for you to imitate how to cook the flavor of them.

The adventure will end with a light dinner on the yacht. You will return to the ship and chill out with cocktails which are available at the bar. The boat will be anchored in the evening so that you can feel the fresh nature, experience a trip with unforgettable memories about a prosperous river region which has a lot of enthusiastic and hospitable people.

Boat trip - Mekong Delta | Saigon Riders

Boat trip

Now, are you ready to take Saigon – Mekong Delta tour and enjoy its beauty? It’s not very far from Saigon and you will absorb what so-called culture and heritage of Southwest Vietnam. You will find more information about Mekong Delta here.