Kon Tum is the perfect place for nature lovers who want to roam among the dramatic scenic natural beauty surrounded by lakes, mountains, cafe plantations and a tropical rainforest. Located in Vietnam’s Central highlands and near the borders of Laos and Cambodia, it packs an extraordinary variety of places for tourists to get around and find out the unique language, culture of ethnic minority group in their lifestyle. Here are some some information before you begin your trip to Kon Tum Vietnam.

How to get to Kon Tum

By Airplane:  If you only have a limited number of days in Vietnam, then flying is your best choice to spend quality time in your trio. Everyday, there is 1 domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi to Pleiku airport, from there you can hop on the bus or taxi to get Kon Tum.

By bus:  There is a direct bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Kontum. The bus will take 12 hours to get the kontum bus station with around 580,000 vnd for a round-trip ticket. If you want to budget your trip, you can search on vexere.com to check the schedule. .  

Here are 5 things to do in Kon Tum

  • Wooden Church in Kon Tum

The Wooden Church – built in 1913- is an ancient relic with blend of European architecture and the traditional homes of Central highland. One of Kon Tum’s most mysterious site, you will see the amazing value culture in term of custom and tradition of Tay Nguyen ethnic Group display inside the church. Thus The Wooden Church has been a key monument to make to hight status of heritage in Kontum Vietnam.


Wooden Church in Kon Tum is an ancient relic

  • Highland communal house – Kok K’lor

Kok l’kor house is a traditional house of Central Highland and represents the beauty and wisdom of traditional architecture and of living in harmony between human and nature. With the historical confluence of cultures and styles in Kon Tum, you will get the chance to learn about the  local community and the relational activities when visiting.

highland-communal-house-is-the-harmony-of-nature-and-human-saigon-ridersHighland communal house is the harmony of nature and human

  • Kon K’lor suspension Bridge

Kon K’lor suspension Bridge is one of the longest and beautiful bridges in Central Highland which lie on the Dak Bla River and surround  mountain. You can get kontum self ride tour, ride along the bridge to the other end, enjoy yourself among the natural landscape under the very blue sky that you will find see in Kon tum. 

kon-klor-suspension-bridge-is-one-of-the-longest-ones-in-central-highlands-saigon-ridersKon K’lor suspension Bridge is one of the longest ones in central highlands

For the moment, you can visit Bahnar minority Village by yourself, make the connection with the local then you will know the amazing stories, facts and the interesting daily life of their living day

  • Mang Den Ecotourism Area

Located 60 km northeast from Kon Kum city, Mang Den pine tree forest is unforgettable sensory experience in the outside activity. Let’s have the hiking into the green pine forest in the cool fresh air and under the silver clouds, discover some small streams flow, get lost in the beauty of Pa Sy waterfall and visit the beautiful Hydrangea flower on the way to the wood. The Mang Den forest will be a truly astounding destination when you are planning the Kontum adventure tour.


Mang Den Ecotourism Area is an astounding area

  • Chu Mom Ray National Park

It is the fact that Chu Mom Ray is only the national park in Vietnam sharing the border with Laos and Cambodia. It is a home of 1,500 flora and 435 fauna species living harmony in the forest.

You will have an opportunity to learn the diverse landscape, soak up Vietnam war stories, science and more at this historical trails. Chu Mom Ray National Park shares the border with Laos and Cambodia.

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