You have been familiar with all popular travel spots in Vietnam such as Ha No capital with long civil history, Phu Quoc known as the Gem Island – the largest island in Vietnam or Da Nang named as “the most worthy place for living”…so maybe Quy Nhon is still a mysterious spot on your radar. If you a true travelholic and get updated to the latest trend in your country, you may wonder why a small city, isolated in middle Vietnam is being became one of the most attractive destination these days? Let’s find out your answer together through this post. 

 deep-blue-sea-in-quy-nhon-is-like-wonderland-on-earth-saigon-ridersDeep blue sea in Quy Nhon is like wonderland on earth

1. Many spectacular places to visit in Quy Nhon City tour

When coming to the Quy Nhon city tour, you will be welcomed with many attractive travel spots like pristine deep blue beaches with white sandy dunes. On the way to Quy Nhon, along Quoc lo road, there is the Banh It Tower – one ancient architecture of Champa’s culture with nearly 1000 years existed.

banh-it-tower-has-been-there-for-more-than-1000-years-saigon-ridersBanh It Tower has been there for more than 1000 years

In the city, there are many beautiful beaches with the bow-shaped dunes of white sand and clear blue water. On the east north from the city is the Eo Gio beach while on the opposite way are other famous sites – Tien Sa and Han Mac Tu Tomb. Nearby Tien Sa, there are other small beautiful beaches like Dai beach, Bang, beach or Xep beach which are favorite relaxing places of Quy Nhon residents in weekends. That is the reason why the English Rough Guides newspaper has voted Quy Nhon beach is one of the hottest travel destination in Asia Countries in recent years.

quy-nhon-beach-is-famous-for-its-crystal-sea-saigon-ridersQuy Nhon beach is famous for its crystal sea

2. Too many good local cuisines while being on a Quy Nhon tour

Huynh De crab is the unique one that you must try on your Quy Nhon tour. This crab only appears in spring season and can be found in Sa Huynh beach. Besides that, other kinds of seafood at Quy Nhon are also worthy to try due to its freshness providing by local fishermen every day. The perfect time of day to have a seafood chill with friends is when the night falls, at some street pubs on Xuan Dieu Street.

dont-you-want-to-taste-seafood-in-quy-nhon-do-youDon’t you want to taste seafood in Quy Nhon, do you?

Not only the ideal land for seafood try, you may fall in love with the most famous local cuisine in this Quy Nhon beach city – the noodle with fish and jellyfish, named as Bún Chả Cá – Sứa. Different with other regions, fish and noodle broth in Bun Cha Ca – Sua have a unique flavor with a slight sweetens which is processed following the special heirloom recipe in Quy Nhon beach village.

Moreover, you may wish to try Bau Da wine with seafood cuisines, an alcohol drink get charming by its strong taste. Quy Nhon also has other tasty traditional food which can be bought for souvenirs such as Banh It, Cho Huyen Nem or Tré.

jellyfish-served-with-noodles-and-vegetables-saigon-ridersJellyfish served with noodles and vegetables

With many spectacular landscapes, special indigenous culture and tasty local cuisines, Quy Nhon is deserved to be the precious gem in tourism which has been waiting for travelers to explore in one recent day.

Just plan a journey to this land – Quy Nhon Vietnam War and discovery the hidden life of village beaches, I bet you will have the most ever unforgettable experience in your travelling collection. But before your depart, do not forget to call us – Saigon Riders for a motorbike and start your new journey!

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