Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam gains its popularities for its numerous rivers, canals, tributaries with rich alluvial soil which help the Delta produce abundance of tasty rice, tropical fruits, vegetable, aqua-cultural products. The Delta has a bunch of attractions to offer to tourists, from its spacious rice paddies, busy floating markets, to lush tropical orchards, interesting countryside in modern life. Recently, Mekong adventure tours are more and more preferable.


Touring on a boat should always be included in a Mekong Adventure tour

When hearing about adventure tours, some may think about being in dangers or at risks when travelling in the tour. Hopefully, it is not that way. Adventurous tours are about connecting tourists with new cultures or landscapes and being active physically at the same time.

The delta adventure tours are operated that way. No dangerous or risky activities are arranged but involving, emerging activities are always included in the tour so that travelers can enjoy and explore most of the place they visit.


Safety is along the way as long as you follow instructions from the tour providers

When searching for delta adventure tours Mekong review, tourists can see different negative reviews, but mostly about how the tour is organized. And, it is also because there is a company receiving bad feedbacks takes their brand name the same as the searched keyword that people usually see gloomy comments about the adventure tour. So, the issue here is choosing a trustworthy tour operator to go with rather than following discount codes for the trips. Finding a travel company to go is like finding a partner. This will decide if our trip is enjoyable and meaningful or not.

riding-bikes-in-the-early-evening-around-a-village-in-mekong-delta-is-stunning-saigon-ridersRiding bikes in the early evening around a village in Mekong Delta is stunning

No matter where you have chosen for your trip, here are some tips for your better experience in the Delta, and for your better Delta adventure tours review.

  • Bring extra drinking or bottled water. Tropical climate can make you dehydrated faster than usual, especially if you are coming from far-away countries.
  • Take some sanitation and preventive medicine in case you are unfamiliar with the local foods or you need cleaning your hand before your meals.
  • Carry sunscreens, mosquito and insect repellent. It is good to enjoy your trip, and it is better to enjoy it healthily.

get-the-right-tour-backpack-essential-things-are-all-you-need-for-a-pleasant-trip-saigon-ridersGet the right tour, backpack essential things are all you need for a pleasant trip

For young and dynamic travelers planning their own Mekong adventure tours and going on a two-wheel vehicle, some notes below will not be redundant for your expectation on the trip.

  • Turn on your GPS until you get to the place. If you don’t have it, then traditional tools like compass or maps are also useful.
  • The roads in rural areas looks somehow similar to one another. If you ask the local for directions, you should ask several people for the same questions. Some locals may not know about the place you are asking for, but in order to show their friendliness and hospitality, they still try to recall their memory and show you the way. That’s why you may get wrong directions.
  • Bring big glasses which could cover your eyes totally and can use in the night. There are many insects, dark spots, mosquitos flying in your eyes when you riding during the night.
  • Flash lights are essential, as the more rural the area is, the less streetlight the place has.

preparing-flashlights-when-riding-to-rural-areas-in-the-darkPreparing flashlights when riding to rural areas in the dark

Basically, Mekong Delta is safe to travel alone or in a group, as long as you know how to book the right trip with the right tour providers. For those riding motorbikes, be careful when you are riding, take some notes above, and that would be enough for your next trip to the Mekong. We are waiting to hear more from you about your trip.

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