Exploring Vietnam by motorbike is an exciting adventure riding full of fun and surprise that you must try at least once in your life. If you count yourself as a biker here are 5 reasons to consider why you should explore Vietnam’s scenery by motorbike.

5 reasons to travel by a motorbike in Vietnam

1. You want flexibility and freedom, the enduro dirt bike is for you

Only with an enduro dirt bike, all rough, windy and bumpy roads are no longer a problem for you; you can conquer any rough terrain easily, even stuff that looks unimaginable. Wherever you want to explore, be it out of the way pristine rural spots or to conquer mountain roads and tracks, just take your enduro motorbike and overcome all challenges on the journey to reach your destination. You won’t be forced to follow any specific schedules of anyone, travel agencies or transport providers. You can freely make your own travelling plan, visit any mysterious places you may interest you or you come across, and enjoy your trip in your own style.

Bumpy roads are not big problems to enduro dirt bikes

Bumpy roads are not a problem to enduro dirt bikes

2. Enjoying the wonders of nature on an enduro dirt bike

It’s such a great feeling when passing rice fields ripe for harvest or fields full of flowers on your motorbike on both sides of the road. The surge of emotion you feel in taking in this natural beauty is simply not possible from behind the glass of a car windscreen; the fullness of stunning landscapes can only be fully appreciated when taking a ride on an enduro bike. I bet you that every road and track you take in the rural verge will give you an unexpected moment. Just try it once, enjoy it and tell me if I am wrong.

Only riding a bike can give you the true feeling about nature

Only riding a bike can give you that true feeling about nature

3. A collection of amazing photos while travelling by a motorbike

Taking selfies, creating your own unique album of memorable landscape pictures or capturing momentos of your travel are just so easy to take on enduro motorbike tours. A rest stop wherever you want in the middle of nowhere, is an opportunity to take out your camera and create many deep photos of charming scenery of Vietnam. A series of photographic memories of your travels in Vietnam will be just the thing to make your friends jealous.

4. Making new friends who also love motorbike

Are you worried about being lonely when taking solo travel by enduro motorcycles in Vietnam? The answer would be no, why? Well, it won’t be a traffic jam out there but you can’t imagine the number of people you will meet along the way.  It will probably surprise you just how many people are out there sharing the same experience and passion, creating countless opportunities for you to make friends and chat wherever you care to stop. Not just shared experience, but every meeting will be an opportunity to swap stories and tips, between fellow motorbike travellers about the road just past and the road ahead.

Your friends, your companions on the roads when taking an enduro motorcycle trip

Your friends, accidential companions on the roads when taking an enduro motorcycle trip

5. Riding a motorbike is really cost-saving

Traveling on an off road enduro motorbike is much cheaper than other forms of travel, and of course, this would be a major concern of most people, especially youths with limited budget but thirst for traveling and seeing as much of Vietnam as possible. What cost is there in travel by motorbike: just the moderate rental fee and fuel for a long trip. What else? Local food and quality affordable accommodation on the road, and it will cost you half as much as other forms of travel. Plenty left over to bring home a sackful of experiences.

Riding a motorbike is quite cheap while travelling

Riding a motorbike: cheap in cost, rich in experience

Travelling by motorbike always gives you exciting experiences and new discoveries. You may never know what interests await you on the journey if you have not tried motorbike travel by yourself. So let’s keep you moving and do not forget to reach us Saigon Riders for a motorbike, to discover all the hidden beauty of our country – Vietnam when you are ready for a new enduro adventure.

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