Vietnam is full of amazing and varied landscapes to visit that make you feel like you are on a mystical journey. With its unique blend of religion, friendly cultures, language, delicious local cuisine, bustling metropolises and peaceful countryside, Viet Nam will be a great idea for your next vacation. Other than that, with many diverse and stunning landscapes of mountains, tropical forests, beaches, rivers and more, you can explore adventures of so many different places across the region on a cheap budget travel. Here is some information you need to know about before packing your trip to Vietnam


Nguyen Hue Avenue in Saigon

1. Ho Chi Minh City – the most dynamic destination in Vietnam

If you are a type of urban explorer, you can pick Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) – one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Vietnam. You can see several of ethnic cultures from the East to the West when you walk down the street. Or you can visit some architecture buildings influenced by French for a long time ago, and try various taste local food in every corner on the street to fancy restaurants in Saigon.


Ho Chi Minh City, the most dynamic city in Vietnam

2. Pick Can Gio tour from Ho Chi Minh City

Once you are here, you’ll find out that you also can make 1 day outside tour surrounding HCMC. It is popular when almost travellers often choose Can Gio tour 1 day. Can Gio biosphere reserve is a convenient destination when you are travelling in Ho Chi Minh City and you want to have a glance of natural sightseeing and make the most of seafood tour in Can Gio, Viet Nam?

Can Gio Mangrove Forest | Saigon Riders 8

An ariel of Can Gio mangrove biosphere reserve

It takes you around more than 1 hour to get Can Gio from HCMC, so you can have a tour Can Gio 1 day then get back to HCMC on the same day. Furthermore, Can Gio is also well-known for its seafood at a very reasonable price. Most of the tourists come here not to enjoy the beach but food and drink.

3. Motorbikes – popular local transportation

When you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, the first thing you will see that there are a ton of motorcycles on the street. If you want to feel like real locals, you can rent a motorbike and get around the city. For those whose are in HCMC for the first time, and you have no idea to get yet, the most simple way is to book a motorbike tour then seat behind and explore Saigon.


Vietnam is well-known for tons of motorbikes

Motorbikes are the most convenient while going around in Vietnam. They are fast, cheap and easier to control rather than a car. More and more tourists coming to Vietnam are ready to try a motorbike ride. Mostly, they prefer getting around Saigon or choose a one-day tour near the city. Besides going around Saigon, Can Gio tour is also an option for you to travel by a motorbike. Riding a motorbike in this dynamic city is both adventurous and challenging.

4. Choose your accommodation wisely

Booking accommodation to stay over is one of the most important decision when planning a trip on a budget. Ho Chi Minh City has a wide range of accommodations such as hotels, hostels, guesthouses, serviced apartments listed online. Five or four-star hotels could be, of course, really expensive. Instead, you can look for hostels or house for rent on Airbnb. It will help you save quite a lot. Let’s find your best place in the middle of the city that you can easily explore everything. Check it out from or Airbnb.

5. Local food is cheap and tasty

Once again, trying a local food is always the best part of travelling. You will discover how much interesting the different taste of the food you may never have it before. It’s so cool to strike up a connection between you and locals while mentioning about food. Moreover, Saigon Street food has so much more flavour than other regions of Vietnam. So, take advantage of it, have some of the local food such as Pho, Banh Mi, Bun Bo, seafood, Vietnamese coffee or more. Basically, they are cheap and easy to find anywhere around the city.


Vietnamese can eat “banh mi” any time of the day

6. Choose a motorbike tour in Saigon

Once again, if you are worried about where you go and what to do when you travel in Vietnam, booking a guided tour can help you get the amazing value on a backpacker budget.  A tour guide can show you the best place to eat and the coolest destination to visit so that you will have a great way in the travel lifestyle. From Ho Chi Minh City, it’s easy to get Can Gio Vietnam tour since it’s not far from this crowded city. There are many travel agencies near City Center where you can book any tour from there.

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